How to Make Organic Chocolate Syrup

Mr. Rain just loves chocolate syrup for his ice cream (the one splurge I allow from time to time) or for making chocolate milk from the raw goat's milk we get from a friend.  Just like with my organic chocolate pie recipe (another of his favorites) it took time to develop this recipe so that it could be organic and even mostly healthy.  Decadent treats and healthy do not have to be complete strangers!

In this recipe you can use honey, coconut sugar, and/or organic cane sugar.  Though I like the honey, Mr. Rain did not care as much for that.  Coconut sugar is a great choice for its high mineral content, but using only that made for a disappointing flavor.
I have found going half organic coconut sugar and half organic cane sugar gives the best taste while still allowing for those great minerals provided by the coconut sugar.


* 1 cup organic whole milk

* Dash of Himalayan or Redmond Real salt (Redmond is my favorite)

* 1 tsp Vanilla Extract (I use my own homemade version)

* 1 Tbls Butter

Mix all but the vanilla and butter in a sauce pan.

Cook on low until thickened stirring frequently with a wire wisk.  This will take 5-10 minutes.  Remove from heat and mix in vanilla and butter.  Allow to cool some then pour into glass container and store in refrigerator.  Best used within a week.

You can also check out my chocolate syrup video here:



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