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Peanut Butter Granola Recipe

When trying to find more ways to save money on our foods and also be more natural and healthy. I got myself into making our own granola.  Though I still buy certain boxed or bagged cereals, I ONLY will buy the good organic and non-GMO brands that I trust.  These are nice just to keep variety but can become pretty expensive.   I make a hot breakfast three to four days in the week from scratch (biscuts and gravy, pancakes, elk, beef, or venison sausage with farm eggs and fried potatoes, et cetera) and I also make hot cereals such as oatmeal or my own whole grain and seed hot cereal blend.  Now and then though, Mr. Rain just likes to have a bowl of cold cereal.  So making a good healthy and frugal option is important.  Peanut butter granola is the easiest one and also is our favorite.  Ingredients: *1 cup organic peanut butter *1 cup raw honey *6 cups oats (one can substitute some of the oats for coconut, seeds, or other grains but we prefer just the oats when making th