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How and Why to Make a Multi Vitamin and Mineral Extract

  Years ago I used to take a handful of store bought supplements every day.  Boy was that expensive! Then I started to learn that such supplements were not only a waste of money but often times could be quite counter productive.  Many vitamins and minerals need to be consumed together to get the full benefits.  Examples would be D should be taken with K and Calcium with Magnesium.  Then you have the fact that many of the store bought supplements are made with synthetic ingredients that are toxic to the body. So what is the point spending all that money on that garbage when it is more harm than help? The best way to get your vitamins and minerals are in their whole food form but sometimes that is not always feasible year round.  Today the conventional store bought produce is severely lacking in nutrients and homegrown organic produce is not available to us year round.  Enter the multi vitamin and mineral extract! Making extracts and tinctures is incredibly easy. I make medic