Marshmallow: Root Harvest and More

We ended up having to dig up one of my marshmallow plants to make room for a post in the garden and this is the first time I have been able see just how big those precious, medicinal roots have become. I have been using the leaves for the past few years as a green in my salads, in teas, soaps, infused oil for my skin cream, and more all while allowing the roots to really develop. Now I can start using those too in my teas and even for making the confectionery treat by the same name.
I got all of it dried up on my wood stove and managed to fill well over a quart jar once it was all finished. I found the easiest way was to chop them up, then dry them completely (I use stoneware baking sheets elevated with racks on my wood stove) then process the dried pieces in the blender. 

  This should last me quite awhile but I have to say, I am tempted on digging up another plant but will probably wait until early fall before the rains come as that is when the roots are most beneficial.
Marshmallow has so many wonderful benefits and I cover a few of them in this video here:
Since doing this video, I have since learned even more about the wonderful benefits including how great it is for the digestive system - which makes perfect sense considering its attributes.  I have also started adding it to my own pain and inflammation tincture along with the catnip, feverfew, and echinacea. 

Marshmallow is such a beautiful plant with its large soft leaves and lovely pale lavender flowers and with so many uses and benefits, it is just a great all around medicinal herb for your garden. It is in my top 10 recommended herbs for those getting started in growing their own medicine.
If you are interested in purchasing seed, I have some available on my Etsy store.
    Close up of the velvety soft leaves that are great in teas and salads.
At some point I will be doing a video and blog on how to make homemade marshmallows and I will be using some of my own homegrown organic marshmallow root in it so be watching for that down the road.

Thank you for your time Faithful Reader! ~Heidi


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