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All Natural Face Makeup Powder

Making your own face make up powder is super easy and inexpensive.  Plus it is healthy and not full of chemicals that can be harmful to your skin and health like most store bought make up. This recipe only takes three ingredients: * Cacoa Powder * Tapioca Starch or Arrow Root Powder * French Green Clay  Start with very small and equal amounts of the cacao and the arrow root or tapioca starch (a Tablespoon of each is a good place to start) and 1;4 to 1/2 tsp of the green clay. Mix these together well then start adding more of either to suit the color of your skin.  For darker skin, use more cacao, for redder skin, use more green clay, and so on.  In the video below, I demonstrate how to blend these ingredients and to tailor to your needs. Hope you enjoyed this post and video and that it is helpful to you in becoming more frugal, healthy, and self sufficient! ~Heidi