Jet Fueled Latte Recipe

To call it a "Latte" is a bit of a stretch since I rarely make up my own cup with milk, though the homemade coconut or almond milk is really good in it. Mr. likes his with some raw goat milk. 

It all started in trying to come up with both a coffee replacement and a way to get more healing spices and roots into my daily diet to help with our thyroid since I had made the choice to take us both off our prescription thyroid medications.  The main focus in this  was both the Maca 
root and Ashwagandha root. 

These roots are adaptogens, meaning they help the body cope with stress of any kind, and both are very beneficial to thyroid and adrenal function. 

 Here is a snippet from an article on ashwagandha by Dr. Josh Axe: 
Animal studies reveal ashwagandha has a thyroid hormone balancing effect.  In a 20 days study mice were give ashwagandha and their T3 and T4 levels were analyzed along with lipid peroxidation (anti-oxidant protection).  Significant increases in serum T4 were found which indicates this herb has a stimulatory effect on a sluggish thyroid.

 I recommend you go check out his article HERE for more information on the benefits of ashwagandha.
He also has a great article on the benefits of maca root right HERE. 

 As far as the maca, some may not find it appealing but I do not mind the flavor. The ashwagandha on the other hand is rather bitter and not at all pleasant.  Though I started off making capsules for us to take I try to limit this so I am not having to rely on purchasing empty gelatin capsules.

As a result I came up with this recipe that one can adjust to suit them that covers up the flavors of these roots while providing a healthy, energy and thyroid boosting coffee replacement in the mornings.  I have found by drinking this daily I feel very energetic all day long and Mr. and I have been off our thyroid medications for over 5 years now and feel great.

I mix this up in a quart size amount at a time and add one heaping Tablespoon to a cup of hot water, herbal tea, or milk.
* 1.5 cups Cacao powder 
 *1/4 cup dried organic orange peel
*3/4 cup of my own spice blend that includes equal amounts of ginger, cayenne, cloves, and ceylon cinnamon.  You can use whatever spices you want in the amounts  you like. 

I add all these into a half gallon mason jar, put the lid on and shake until fully blended. This should only take a few seconds. I then put the blend in a quart mason jar for storage.  I like to have two of these made up at a time. 
 Just a note, this will need constant swishing while drinking as some does settle to the bottom.  One may prefer to make it more like an infusion to prevent this but I like to make sure I am getting every bit of it. If there is still a bunch left at the bottom when I finish my cup, I will add more hot herbal tea or water (nut or dairy milk if you prefer), mix it up and finish it off.

Here is the video I did awhile ago on making the blend back before I got wise to the shake method in the jar:  

I hope you will give this recipe a try, especially for any of you who are dealing with adrenal or thyroid problems or a lot of stress.  Don't forget you can manipulate the ingredients to suit you!  
Thank you so much for your time faithful reader! ~Heidi

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  1. Love this idea! Trying to ween ourselves off coffee and do have Maca and Cacao powder but my ashwagandha is in tincture form. Do you purchase that from Mountain Rose? Is your recipe for the spice blend on this blog or you tube? Love to know your recipe! Thanks, Blessings

  2. Very important: DO NOT use ashwaganda if you have ragweed allergy. I have severe allergies, so I use Jiaogulan (aka: gynostemma). I also use Self-Heal herbal tincture to balance thyroid. My brand of choice for all my Ti futures is Secrets of the Tribe.

  3. Just curious...on your YouTube, you talked about replacing thyroid meds. We’re you prescribed for sluggish thyroid? Or, because of surgery? I had partial thyroidectomy but would love to get away from chemical meds. I’m going to try this blend...and will start out alternating to see if I notice any effect. Any other recommendations? Thank you!!

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