Sewing on a Treadle Machine

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I adore my Janome treadle machine.

Since I purchased it over 5 years ago, I have made many things from clothes to curtains including numerous quilts, most of them heavy denim ones where I leave on pockets and other interesting pieces making for pretty thick layers of fabric to go through and have had no problems nor broken needles like I would get with my electric machines.

About a year ago, I put out a a youtube video on How To Make a Frontier Skirt from a garage sale find sheet.  I had no idea that video was going to get me non stop orders for these skirts as well as aprons and much more.  I have had that thing going practically non stop until I finally hit the bottom of the order list just the other day.

Here are a few of examples of the patchwork style skirts that are the most popular:

My machine has held up beautifully through it all and I just recently published a How To video on using a treadle machine for those that are interested in learning and you can find that here:

How To Sew on a Treadle Machine

It really is fun when you get into it and there is something quite satisfying about the physical work involved and that fact that no electricity is needed to run it.

So if you love to sew or are thinking of getting into it and especially if you are living off grid or considering it, it is the way to go and you may just be like me and never want to go back to an electric! 


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