Why I Grow Mints

I have to chuckle a bit to myself when people say "You must grow mints in pots or they will take over the garden" like it is a bad thing. However, I do realize that in our modern gardening culture where people believe everything MUST be in perfect rows planted only among other plants of the same species, the conventional gardener has lost touch with how things actually grow in nature.

In fact, it is a result of growing gardens in this modern way that has created the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. When plants are allowed to grow the way they would in nature, they actually benefit each other through feeding proper nutrients into the soil that the other plants need and deterring, rather than drawing in, the kind of pests that can annihilate whole crops. Besides, gardens grown the "permaculture" or "companion planting" way, in my opinion, are so much more lovely than those grown in perfect rows of all the same plants.

Now back to the mints. For me, I intentionally have mints of all varieties growing in all my garden areas. In fact, I just finished making more starts and planting in new places. It has been even creeping into my lawn areas, which I totally love! It gives off such a lovely aroma while mowing the grass that is energizing and uplifting.

Yes, there are some places where my mints travel a bit too far or too thick but they are so easy to pull up, much easier than the nutrient sucking grass and buttercup, that it is hardly what I call work. Plus, I get that wonderful scent yet again while pulling them up. It is quite satisfying.

Besides growing mints for the purposes of consumption, there are many other good reasons why every gardener should consider adding them to their gardens:
*Mints act as pest repellents. Rats, mice, mosquitoes, and various garden pests, do NOT like mints.
*Mints make a lovely addition to the garden in their variety of colors from lime green to a deep dark green mixed with burgundy.
*Mints attract beneficial garden animals like butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.
*Did I mention how wonderful it will make your garden smell?


  1. I love mint! Everything about it. The smell was s awesome!

  2. Now that I am getting active in here again, I am seeing comments I have missed. Yes, I agree! I was just out picking apples and I have mint intentionally growing around the base of my tree to keep ants and other pests away, and I get that wonderful smell while out there harvesting apples!

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