How to Make Your Own Vinegars

How to Make Your Own Vinegars

Homemade vinegar is one of the easiest things to make and you can do it for pennies, or less. You can use any type of fruit, fl
ower, and herb combination you wish and what is really great, you can use leftover scraps after preparing fruits for canning, baking, et cetera. When I make peach, I use the peels and pits I have removed when I am canning. I use cores and peels from apples and pears when making butters or pies.  I have even made a lot of pineapple vinegar from rinds and cores. 

Other types I have made are raisin (one of my very favorites for flavor and aroma), rose petal, rosemary-lavender (mostly to use as a hair wash/rinse), mint, citrus from orange and lemon peels, just to name a few.  You can be creative and come up with whatever combination sounds good to you.

Here is how you do it:
*Add your choice of fruit or flowers to a half gallon canning jar until full but not packed. When I am making flower and herb vinegars, I always add a quarter cup of sugar, this can be done with your fruit vinegars but is not necessary as they already contain plenty of sugar. 
*Fill to top with filtered rain or spring water (along with being toxic, chlorine and fluoride will slow or stop the process). Cover with a cloth and a rubber band to keep out bugs but allow air flow.
*Set in a warm place for about 30 days. On top of your fridge is ideal.
*After a month, carefully lift off the top pieces that may have become exposed to air. Though you can choose to weigh them down with something before starting the process, I have yet to find a real successful one but it really isn't important because any mold that may develop on top will not effect the vinegar as it kills such things, nor will it effect the taste.
*Strain out fruit/flowers. You should have about a quart of vinegar ready for use. I store mine in quart sized canning jars or 1-liter flip top bottles.



  1. Great information! I had no idea that making vinegar from scratch was so easy! Also I enjoyed the article about you in the Forks forum. I have been interested in learning about local edible wild plants for some time now. I would love to learn more and will continue to check in on your blog. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Ruth! My next blog, that I hoped to get done some time this week, is going to be how to make homemade medicinal tinctures using homegrown herbs and homemade vinegar.
      Because of the brief time I had for my presentation to the garden club, I really could only present a few herbs and out of those, just a few of their wonderful benefits. As a result, I am planning to have some future blogs that focus on individual herbs and how they can be used for health and medicine.
      Thanks for you comment!

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