How to Make Your Own Fire Starters

Though I line dry my laundry year round, there are those times I need to use the dryer so when I do, I save up all the dryer lint into a zip lock bag. When I get enough, I pack the sections of an egg carton with the lint.

I then take old broken candles or those cheap ones that do not burn right (I am sure you know the kind I mean) that I have saved up, or those I have picked up from garage sales for ultra cheap, melt them down and pour them over the lint.
Note: Every garage sale will have candles so do not pass them up when you see them!

Once cooled, I separate each section and store in a basket for using with the wood stove and others I have placed in zip lock bags to take camping. 

They are not pretty but they are cheap and effective.


  1. I've got heaps of dryer lint these days, and still a few old candles left... I will certainly give these a try for the upcoming fall and winter season! Thanks for sharing!

    1. So weird because I put this post up awhile back but just today put up a video about it on youtube channel! Glad you liked this and if you want to see the video, just for the heck of it, it is right here:

    2. oops, wrong link, here is the video

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